HIV Positive Woman Steals Walmart Food, Tries To Infect Employee With Disease

An HIV-positive woman tried to steal several frozen dinners from Walmart earlier this week in Dallas.

NY Daily News reports that 25-year-old Diamond Lawrence allegedly attacked a Walmart employee at the Forest Lane store “in a bid to give him the virus” in order to get away with $11 worth of frozen food.

Diamond Lawrence made it outside of the store with her stolen dinners until an employee stopped her, according to NBC Dallas-Fort Worth.

As she was being escorted back inside of the store, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reports that Diamond Lawrence “bragged about being HIV positive.” Lawrence even threatened the employee with the disease, according to police.

“I can infect whomever I please.”

Police officers were able to confirm that Diamond Lawrence was wearing a medical wristband at the time that officially identified her as being HIV positive.

The HIV-positive woman attacked the Walmart employee by scratching his neck. Police believe that Diamond Lawrence was deliberately trying to draw blood from the employee and expose him to the virus.

After the attack, Lawrence told the employee, “You’re welcome” in a sarcastic tone several times after she attacked him.

Medics from the Dallas-Fire rescue crews that were called to the scene confirm that the employee had no known bodily fluids exchanged with HIV-positive Diamond Lawrence, so he is protected from infection.

Due to the low amount of food that was stolen, Walmart will not prosecute Diamond Lawrence for theft. However, Diamond Lawrence was asked to never return to that store in the future.

NY Daily News did confirm that Lawrence was arrested for two outstanding warrants – one for an invalid driver’s license and the other for public intoxication.

According to the report, Diamond Lawrence is being held on $1,500 bail in Dallas County Jail.

[Image Credit: Groundspeak & FOX Dallas-Fort Worth]