Heidi Klum Posts Video Of Amazing Halloween Butterfly Transformation [Video]

Heidi Klum is known for her outrageous and over-the-top Halloween costumes. This year is no different. Klum was seen at her annual Halloween party in an elaborate butterfly costume. The costume featured enormous wings, giant bug eyes and an elaborate full-body bug costume.

On Heidi’s Instagram account she shared a number of photos as she was getting ready for the evening, allowing her followers to guess at what she was being transformed into for the holiday. In one photo you can see the elaborate makeup and fake skin that was used to sculpt her perfect butterfly face. The details were phenomenal.

Klum was completely unrecognizable in the full costume and can be seen strolling down streets of NYC in her amazing Halloween creation. As many posting to the model’s account and media outlets noted, Heidi was definitely a costume winner.

“Heidi Klum wins Halloween.”

Be sure to check out the short video Klum posted showing exactly how the amazing transformation took place below.

She also posted a number of photos of the finished product.

Heidi Klum Halloween
Heidi Klum Costume Back

What do you think of Heidi Klum’s costume? Did the supermodel “win” Halloween? Which of Heidi’s costumes has been your favorite?