Real Life Superhero Uses Real Batmobile To Visit Terminally-Ill Kids [Photos]

Patricia Didelot

A real-life superhero uses a Batmobile to visit terminally ill kids. The 29-year-old Australian man has been a Batman fan since his youth and spent two years building the amazing vehicle in his backyard, which he now drives to bring joy to those who need it most.

Zac Mihajlovic based his Batmobile on the one used by the Dark Knight in the 1989 movie Batman. As far as we know, this is the only vehicle of its kind in the world -- aside from those seen in movies -- and it actually works. It also has a street registration, making it legal to drive.

A life-long Batman enthusiast, this real-life superhero bought some spare parts in 2009 and decided to built the iconic vehicle.

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This story is taken straight out of what kids dream about and Mihajlovic is making many wishes come true. But the best part is that, even though he has been offered millions for his Batmobile, this real-life superhero has declined and prefers to do good.

Helping him build this Batmobile was his grandfather and, though the Australian man has no mechanical training, he finally completed his ambitious project in 2011. After that, it was kept in his garage for another year until Mihajlovic decided what he was going to do with it.

The first thing was to contact Warner Bros. to see if there was any licensing to worry about and after he got the all clear, he started building his own Batmobile.

"I could see at that point why nobody else had done it before," he said.

But this real-life superhero didn't stop there, he also built a Bat-bike. "I've always been a movie fan. Batman has the coolest vehicle and he's the only one without super powers." Mihajlovic told the Mirror.

So what does this real-life superhero do with his unique Batmobile? He joined the Make-a-Wish foundation to visit terminally ill children and now considers this his "full time job."

What do you think about this real-life superhero and his amazing Batmobile?

[Image via Zac Mihajlovic]