‘Batman V Superman’: Shirtless Bruce Wayne To Show Off Buff Body?

Batman v Superman shirtless Bruce Wayne

We know that Ben Affleck has been working hard on his body for his debut on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and there is a rumor that we will get to see a shirtless Bruce Wayne in the Zack Snyder film. Even though the revelation is being denied, it’s not the first time such rumors have surfaced.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see a shirtless Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman as we saw a scene with Henry Cavill in similar lack of attire for Man of Steel. He also displayed his buff physique, for which he worked for months, in a shirtless scene just to show that those muscles under the Superman suit are for real.

Henry Cavill on set in Man of Steel.

Both actors have been filming and continue to train for their roles in Batman v Superman and since we anticipate some kind of confrontation between the two legendary superheroes who face off in a movie for the first time ever — they better be ready. Fans are expecting an epic meeting between Batman and Superman and we got a taste of it during the teaser trailer shown at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year.

Even though that Batman v Superman tease, which shows a reported first meeting between the two main characters, was seen by those lucky enough to attend the panel at the comics convention, they were both wearing their famous costumes. At six-feet and four-inches tall, Affleck is an imposing figure against Henry Cavill’s six-feet, one-inch height.

According to a report from Batman News, Ben Affleck’s trainer, Rehan Jalali, taught some nutrition classes in London over the weekend and spoke to an unnamed source about a possible shirtless scene showing Bruce Wayne in all his glory. Out of this information we get some interesting bits about Batman v Superman, which are now being denied by Jalali.

First off, the trainer and Affleck speak every day, so this could mean Jalali has some kind of insider info about Snyder’s blockbuster. Once again the news that there are two Batsuits, a regular one and an armored one — as has been previously reported extensively — came up. There are supposedly two Batmobiles as well, which would confirm the different models we saw while the production was based in Detroit.

Batman v Superman Batmobile

Jalali also allegedly revealed that there is a beautifully shot scene during Batman v Superman during which Bruce Wayne appears shirtless — so we can all admire Affleck’s new buff body. Wayne is overlooking a destroyed city (possibly Metropolis after Superman and General Zod’s epic battle.)

As we stated, the information has since been denied by Jalali, who now says he never spoke to anyone about Batman v Superman or a possible shirtless scene for Bruce Wayne. However, Snyder has shown off Cavill previously and it wouldn’t be surprising if he allows Affleck to do the same.

[Image via The Banandoc]