Virginia Mother Facing Child Abuse Charges For Hanging Toddler From A Planter Hook, Posting It On Facebook

Social media is definitely beneficial when it comes to networking and sharing information. However, there are also cases when the use of social media can land you in hot water.

A young Virginia mother is now facing child abuse charges for posting a relatively disturbing image on Facebook. According to CBS-6 News, a picture of a 14-month old toddler began circulating on Facebook earlier this week. Although many posts tend to go viral on the popular social media network, this particular picture was relatively disturbing for most viewers. The little boy could be seen hanging by his T-shirt from a nail on a door frame. Of course, the small child was crying, most likely out of fear and discomfort.

Viewers were definitely appalled by the image and several people took the initiative to post the picture on the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. The police department immediately began investigating to pinpoint the origin of the photo, which was said to have been taken between Sept. 1 and 10. So, on Thursday Oct. 30, the toddler’s mother, Alexis Breeden, turned herself in to authorities. The 18-year-old mother now faces child abuse charges. Authorities have also stated that the father will not be charged, reports Crime Feed.

Sgt. James Konicki with the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office released a statement in reference to the shocking incident, the child’s current state and Breeden’s arrest.

“We had it assigned to a criminal investigation detective through the child victim unit. When she responded, she did an investigation and found that it wasn’t a nail, it was actually a planter hook that the child was hanging from. But the child was absolutely fine. The baby’s father and mother had an argument and in retaliation the father posted this on Facebook to get the mother in trouble.”

Breeden definitely isn’t happy with the negative response she’s received. So, she took to Facebook with another post to verbal express her disdain for all of the scrutiny.

“The cops came to my house twice last night and saw that he was fine. They think this was immature and dumb of me but he saw I was playing and no one needs to know everything going on because some of you aren’t parents and no one knows the full story. Mind your own f****** business.”

While she insists the public has blown the incident out of proportion, her criminal history has raised eyebrows. CBS-86 reports Breeden recently pled guilty to assault and battery against a family member. She was ordered to complete anger management classes and complete a mental health evaluation. She is also scheduled to appear in court this month for another charge. She reportedly faces another charge for violating a court order.

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[Image via Facebook]