Teresa Giudice Under Fire For 13-Year-Old Daughter Gia’s Racy Music Video

Teresa Giudice is coming under fire after her 13-year-old daughter Gia appeared in a racy music video along with her girl group, 3KT.

The young teens appeared in a cover of the Britney Spears song “Circus,” wearing some skin-baring outfits and performing racy dance sequences. The video was posted to the group’s YouTube channel on Halloween, and within hours had generated controversy online.

Much of the criticism is falling on Gia’s mom, reality star Teresa Giudice. Reports emerged this week that Teresa spent thousands of dollars to create the music video.

Online, many people were calling out Teresa, who will be headed to prison for a recent fraud conviction.

Sources said that the music video was “leaked” by a family member, though the intentions behind the leak were not clear.

Teresa Giudice appears happy with the result of Gia’s music video.

Sources added that the music video was a way to keep Gia Giudice from getting down over her parents’ prison sentences.

“She wants Gia to have an activity to distract her,” a source told Us Weekly of Teresa’s intentions.

The attempt appears to be working, the source added.

“The group is making both Teresa and Gia very happy because they can focus all their attention on something positive,” the source adds.

Teresa Giudice only has a little bit longer to enjoy her time with daughter Gia. She is scheduled to start her 15-month prison sentence early next year. Her husband Joe will start his 41-month sentence as soon as Teresa gets out of prison.