Kaci Hickox Was A 'Disease Detective' For The CDC

Aric Mitchell

Kaci Hickox was a "disease detective" for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), according to a widely overlooked part of her op-ed for the Dallas Morning News.

While Hickox did not fail to disclose this information to readers -- or rather, the Dallas Morning News didn't -- Conservative news sites have recently taken notice and commenced calling her out on the connection.

Hickox has received much criticism from the Right and the Left for her defiance of a mandatory quarantine order.

A Maine judge recently upheld that defiance, allowing her to come and go as she pleases for the remainder of the 21-day period associated with developing symptoms for the Ebola virus.

Piers Morgan called her actions "recklessly selfish," and a majority of Americans agree.

At Mediaite, commenters had a hate-fest for Kaci Hickox, with one woman stating that she felt Hickox "deserved" Ebola.

"I never wish Ebola on anyone, but if anyone deserves to get it, it's this woman. May she go back to Africa and stay there."

"She's a narcissistic self involved person," said a second commenter. "Who cares what her political beliefs are. The only thing of concern here is that she's setting a horrific example. The more I hear about her the angrier I become. She appears to be enjoying the attention. She's stating she's going to go back to Africa to treat Ebola patients. They should revoke her license."

"It's great that she went over to Africa to help others. I applaud that," said a third. "However, it's incomprehensible as to why she would object to a 21 day quarantine when she knows that one can become symptomatic during this period even if they are not currently. The NYC doctor's urban travels present a textbook case as to why a quarantine is appropriate. It seems like glaringly common sense to me -- regardless of one's politics... And to hire a lawyer? Well, that almost feels staged. And political."

Yet a fourth commenter, identifying herself as a liberal Obama voter, was also in agreement.

"As a huge liberal, and an Obama voter... I don't give a crap. This woman is an attention seeker and is loving her 15 minutes of fame, she deserves any bad crap coming her way. The conservatives are wrong in thinking Liberals aren't JUST as p***ed off at Kaci and want to see her isolated just as badly... cause we do."

What do you think, readers -- is the fact Kaci Hickox worked for the CDC of any relevance, or is it much ado about nothing?