Eating a 2” crust while driving is worst than talking on the phone

We have been hearing for so long now that talking on a cell phone while you are driving is a bad thing. Your concentration levels go down the toilet and accidents are just around the corner. Many countries have made it illegal to be talking on your cell phone while driving leading to a boom in hands free setups being installed because we can't be without those inane conversations where ever we go.

Well it seems that in England now the crime of talking on your cell phone has been superseded by the potential child killer action of eating while driving. Now we're not talking about some three course meal or even the indulging of a McMuffin on the way to work. No.. as Ediri Tsekiri found out all it takes is being spotted by the police munching down on a 2" crust of bread.

for this horrendous criminal act she found herself with a £60 fine and three penalty points slapped against her license.

University researcher Ediri, 36, was driving her Vauxhall Safira between appointments, when she was stopped by an officer in a marked police van. He informed Ediri that she had been seen eating while driving and that she could have killed a child if one had stepped into the road while she was distracted by eating. She was issued with the fine and penalty points with a ticket for the offence of "not being in proper control of a vehicle".

Mother-of-two Ediri, of Wavertree, Liverpool, said, "The officer asked me what I would have done if a child had stepped out in front of me. My reply was that I would have put my foot on the brake the same as in any other situation. He tried to suggest that what it was 'worse' than using a mobile phone while driving, but I don't accept that for a moment. The whole procedure lasted less than a second.

Source: Click Liverpool

It's a good thing that she didn't pass wind at the same time or she might have gotten charged with contributing to green house gases or something stupid like that.