iPhone Applications Store Now Live

Duncan Riley

The iPhone applications store in iTunes has just gone live, several hours before the first iPhones go on sale in Australia and New Zealand (the first countries to get them.)

Included in the new store is a range of free and paid applications. Free from the front page applications include

Remote: an Apple application that allows users to use their iPhone as a remote control device for their computer or Apple TV

Twitteriffic: the Twitter client ported to iPhone

MySpace Mobile: allows users to browse friends, and send a receive messages, along with other features including inbuilt support for photo sharing

TypePad: blogging interface for SixApart's hosted blogging product

AIM: needs no explanation

Eventful: social networking with location awareness.

Those expecting lots of free applications may be disappointed; at an early glance I'd say only around one third of all items are free, with prices ranging as high at $23.99.

Spotted elsewhere in the store (with price following)

Photography SmugShot for Smugmug (free), Mobile Flickr ($3.99), Photobucket ($5.99), Twittelator (yes, photo tool + free).

Business Bloomberg News (free), Omnifocus ($23.99), Things ($23.99), Salesforce Mobile (free). Entertainment There are 10 pages under entertainment, 21 items per page. A couple free, most fairly cheap but offered at cost. Not sure how these are different to games Games If you're looking for free games, the iPhone App store isn't the place to get them. Games start at $1.99 and head up to around $20.

Social Networking You can get Pownce for free. Also Facebook (free), ShoZu (free) Kyte Producer (free...no video, just pictures). A pretty disappointing list in social apps.

At the time of writing I can download free apps but cant sync them onto my 1.4 2G iPhone, so it's wait for the new firmware and hope it still works with ZiPhone, or (as in my case) buy a new phone.

screenshots as follows: