First Grader Reportedly Restrained By Resource Officer At School, Now Covered In Welts And Bruises

An Oklahoma mother is now searching for answers following her first-grade son’s recent ordeal at school. Kimi Gann discovered her son, Terry, was covered in bruises and welts when he came home from school one day earlier this week. Now, she wants answers.

Gann learned her son had an angry outburst at school. He reportedly began throwing things and ultimately hit a teacher. So a school resource officer allegedly restrained him due to his erratic behavior. Although the child acted inappropriately, his mother insists that the officer used excessive force, reports the New York Daily News.

She and her son were interviewed by KFOR. She opened up about the incident and shared her sentiments toward the officers and their method used to resolve the issue.

“They don’t need to be around kids if they’re gonna do that,” said Gann. “I don’t know what escalated in the restraining. I guess they couldn’t calm him down.”

Terry also recalled the horrific incident and how he discussed it with his mother.

“When I got home, I took off my shirt and was walking away when my mom said it,” the first-grader said. “She took pictures.”

Gann was so livid she decided to share her frustrations via social media. She took to Facebook with shocking images of her son’s injuries. The pictures of the little boy’s black and blue bruises and welts have been shared more than 300 times on the social media network.

But, unfortunately Guthrie School administrators and the Oklahoma Department of Health Services have reportedly refused to reprimand the officer and have closed Gann’s case.

“That’s when I saw the bruises,” said Kimi. “I didn’t know what else to do… so I automatically started taking pictures and posted them on my Facebook. I kept saying, well what’s gonna happen to the school?” said Kimi. “They [DHS] just said they’re closing the case.”

Although Terry Gann is currently suspended for another angry outburst, she insists her son’s temper isn’t the problem in this particular situation.

“That doesn’t need to be done to a child,” said Kimi. “No matter what they’ve done.”

Guthrie School administrators have not released a statement about the incident as of yet. Do you think the school resource officer’s actions were excessive? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Facebook, Kimi Jo Gann, KFOR]