Batman: Arkham City PC receives a slight delay

For reasons initially unexplained, Warner Bros. Interactive decided to hold back the PC release of Batman: Arkham City, and it was recently revealed to be launching on November 15 in North America. Well, there’s more bad news, but not too bad.

Warner Bros. Interactive announced today that Batman: Arkham City will see a second, slight delay. Instead of launching on the 15th, it will instead be launching a week later on November 22. Europe will be getting it on November 25.

When Batman: Arkham City was delayed on PC the first time around, Warner Bros. Interactive initially didn’t divulge why it was seeing a delay, but they later revealed that the delay was due to some bugs in the PC version that needed ironing out.

We don’t know why Batman: Arkham City is seeing a second, relatively minor delay, but it would be safe to assume that Rocksteady needed a few more days to iron out the remaining bugs. Either that, or they just wanted to get even further out of Skyrim‘s way.