Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Hooked Up, Amber Rose Hints

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The soon-to-be-divorced sex tape star can’t seem to keep her name out of the headlines, not that she’s trying, and the newest Kardashian-related tale involves another celeb who is… shall we say partial to the limelight? While Kim has been a married woman twice and even found time to star in a homemade porn tape, she also apparently managed to work a tryst with rapper slash mogul Kanye West into the mix, if former Kanyeezy flame Amber Rose is correct.

Us Magazine reports that the model has hinted West and Kardashian hooked up in what kind of almost sounds like wife-swapping. Rose made the insinuations on chat host Wendy Williams’ popular show, but didn’t dish the dirt on specifics. She giggled:

“I mean, Come on, like, you know… Come on! We’ll keep it cute… I’m not a homewrecker. I broke up with Kanye and [Reggie Bush] broke up with Kim. We met after… We were both going through a hard time. We were each other’s rebounds. It was brief, it was nice, he was a great guy!”

Before Kim’s mini-marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries, she dated Reggie Bush for two years. Rose too moved on from both West and Bush, and now says she’s all about rapper Wiz Khalifa. Of her new man, she effuses:

“I want to be with him for the rest of my life… I never did [believe in marriage] until I met him. I never thought it would happen for me!”

Rose confirms that she and Wiz Khalifa have yet to plan a marriage or engagement.