Original Spider-Man Broadway Director Julie Taymor Sues Producers

After various on-stage and off-stage gaffs, including one incident in which a stuntman was put in the hospital after a cable snapped Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark director Julie Taymor was fired and replaced and now she’s suing the producers of the show.

According to her lawsuit Taymor feels that:

“The producers’ actions have left her no choice but to resort to legal recourse to protect her rights.”

The former director of the hugely successful Lion King show filed the suit after the show began making a profit despite injuries and bad reviews that have plagued the production. In order to make a profit the Spider-Man production needs to make $1.2 million per week, a number the show is reaching handily thanks to sold out and near sold-out shows.

Taymor’s attorney told the Associated Press:

“Producers have failed to compensate Ms. Taymor for their continued use of her work to date, despite the fact that the show has consistently played to capacity or near-capacity houses.”

The lawsuit comes just days after the Tony Awards Administration Committee ruled that only Taymor could be considered for a director award for work she performed.

The Spider-Man production cost more than $75 million to produce after Taymor’s production completely fell apart repeatedly, a fact that will likely be brought up if the court moves to trial.

Do you think Julie Taymor should be further compensated for her work despite the lack of a finished product that was going even further down hill at the time of her firing?