Iggy Azalea’s Halloween Costume Makes Clear Snoop Dogg Beef Isn’t Over

Iggy Azalea Snoop Dogg beef Halloween costume White Chicks

Iggy Azalea has been no stranger to rap-game beef since her meteoric rise this summer. Most of it has come from other female rappers who may or may not be threatened by the leggy, blond rapper’s gigantic popularity; Iggy has steadily had tracks in the Billboard Top 100 since “Fancy” first hit number one at the beginning of June, and her current single “Black Widow” with Rita Ora is holding strong in the top 10. But the back-and-forth disses between Azalea and other female rappers have been outshone by recent shade thrown by hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg, who posted a picture of an albino woman next to a picture of Iggy without make-up.

The fight appeared to have fizzled for a minute there, but both sides seem to be holding a grudge. Last night, Azalea went out on the town with a Halloween costume of her dressed as a character from White Chicks — the source of one of Snoop’s slams on Iggy.

She posted a video of her night out on Instagram with the caption, “Bye haterzzz!”

Iggy’s Halloween costume was clearly inspired by a meme that Dogg himself re-posted of Azalea as the newest cast member of the movie White Chicks. The picture fits into widespread controversy that Iggy is appropriating black culture while using her white image to sell records. By the sharing of the photo, it appears that Snoop might side with Azalea’s critics.


T.I., one of the main drivers behind Iggy’s success, spoke with Dogg about the comments to clear the air. Snoop reportedly apologized for coming after Azalea.

“I just called big bro. He was like, ‘I already know what you’re calling about. You already know we solid… based on that it’s over with. There ain’t nothing else to say, we good. It was really, truly as simple as that. I didn’t tell him or ask in him to apologize. He did all that out of the kindness of his heart because he felt it was justified. I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for Snoop… He paved the way, open doors and blazed the trails for cats like me.”

But what T.I. says and what Snoop continues to do are two very different things. Exactly like Iggy, Dogg was bombarded by paparazzi while coming out of the airport recently, one of whom asked him if he would be willing to collaborate with Azalea in the future. You can watch below to see what you think Snoop’s answer means for yourself.

Somehow it seems like Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg might be at it for a while yet, but hopefully not so long that we see another catty Halloween costume next year.

[Image via Instagram and Flickr]