Aides Abusing Alzheimer’s Patient: Camera Exposes Nursing Home Aides Beating Patient?[Video]

Two aides at a Florida nursing home were charged with assault, battery, and abuse on an Alzheimer’s disease patient. Using footage captured from a hidden nanny cam, Winter Haven police investigators arrested two women employed by the Palm Gardens Nursing Home after an elderly man’s son became suspicious about the origins of mysterious bruising. Some sources described the concealed camera footage as a “beating,” while others described it as “tormenting.” Nonetheless, the general consensus is that the alleged behavior at the senior care facility was abuse of the Alzheimer’s patient. Watch the footage above and share your take on the video.

Yashika Zenobiaha Jones, 28, and Rose Dorlean Blaise, 35, were taken into custody after an investigation gave police probable cause to believe the aids were abusing a hapless Alzheimer’s patient on at least three occasions: October 7, 16, and 24. Jones’ charges stem from the October 7 and 24, while Blaise’s abuse charges are based on camera footage on October 16.

Dale Wilson, 53, the Alzheimer’s patient’s son, grew concerned when he discovered bruising on his father’s legs and arms. He reported the matter to the nursing home, but was provided little evidence of the origins. Wilson then hatched the idea to place a nanny camera inside his father’s room. And after checking it over several occasions, he discovered the possible sources of his father’s skin wounds: allegedly, aides were abusing his father, who is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease and cannot speak, according to an WFLA news report.

“It’s pretty disturbing. Just really can’t believe someone would treat an elderly, you know in his condition that way. I did tell him that, I am so sorry for what he had to endure here. I said I had no idea what was happening to you. I said, I know there were people in here being mean to you, they can’t be mean to you anymore, they’re gone, I promise.”

Jones and Blaise are seen in the video from various dates: October 7, 16, and 24. However, police say as many as six are under investigation in a scandal of alleged abuse and neglect of Alzheimer’s patients and other seniors. The two women charged in the recent offenses are held without bond.

[Image via: Imgarcade]