Casey Anthony A Victim Of Death Threats, ‘She Has No Freedom’

It has been nearly two and a half years since Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first-degree murder, child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter. She was found guilty of four misdemeanor counts of lying to law enforcement, but that was not enough to ease the public’s perception of her. Branded as the most hated woman in America, the title still follows her and has plagued her life since the verdict.

Casey Anthony spends most of her days spent hidden insider her house, paying for her room and board by performing housekeeping duties and secretarial tasks. Although she has not spent the last few years locked away behind bars, her life of freedom has become rather similar to the life in jail. Even when sued by Zanaida Gonzales, Casey Anthony did not show her face in court.

According to a recent interview on Nine MSN, Casey Anthony’s Lawyer, Cheney Mason, expressed how her freedom has become a life sentence.

“She’s still branded the most hated women in the world… maybe she still is. She has no freedom. She can’t go to McDonald’s for a burger. She can’t go to the grocery store or a restaurant or do any of those routine things that we do.”

Cheney has become close to Casey Anthony, considering her like a granddaughter, after her family and friends abandoned her. He worries about Casey’s future and whether she will ever truly be free from the stigma that has been cast upon her. He receives her mail at his office, where he sorts through the good and bad. Although Casey has been hated since 2008, when Caylee Anthony was reported missing and later found dead, the loathing that the public feels for her has not diminished at all. To this day, she is still receiving daily death threats. Cheney describes the letters as being “vitriolic hate mail and death threats.”

However, on a positive note, Cheney does report that Casey Anthony receives a lot of fan mail from those that support her and wish her well. Currently, Cheney separates Casey Anthony’s mail into two boxes, labeled “good” and “bad.”

“I’m pleased to say that the good outnumber the hate mail about 8 to 1.”

Casey Anthony‘s death threats are mostly received from people who do not know her, the random public that watched Casey’s life unravel on Nancy Grace and other new programs. Because of the hatred, a normal life is out of the question while she hides away from society. Although the truth behind Caylee’s death may never be exposed, Casey suffers daily knowing that she will never know the joy of holding her daughter again, at least that is how the supporters feel.

Are you a supporter or hater of Casey Anthony? Do you feel America should forgive and forget, or continue to despise her existence?

[Photo Courtesy: Scallywag and Vagabond]