Occupy Wall Street Protesters Construct Bunk Beds As Zuccotti Park Becomes Crowded

Protesters have continued to flock into New York City to take part in the Occupy Wall Street movement and because of that overwhelming response and a lack of space now available to protesters braving the elements in Zuccotti Park bunk beds are being erected.

Created with the help of Manhattan planners the new bunk beds are housed inside Army tent designs that have already been recently erected in the park.

Under direction of the parks residents 200 tents have been erected and one medic living in the park told the Wall Street Journal:

The plan is “sort of like what New York did with the skyscraper” and “It will create better walkways and emergency exits.”

Currently the tents span more than 2/3rd of an acre and while order is being created with the new structures some opponents to the overcrowding say of the space:

“Bigger tents “are sturdy and more handy, but I think it’s going to take away people’s personal space and that will exacerbate the already rising level of tension.”

If more people continue to arrive at the park there’s a chance that bunk beds could become even more stacked upon one another to utilize space by building upwards, just think of the plan as a mini New York n the park where people are piled on top of one another.