Kaci Hickox Is ‘Selfish, Ebola Quarantines Should Be Mandatory,’ Piers Morgan Says

Kaci Hickox, a nurse who attended to Ebola patients in West Africa and returned to a state-mandated quarantine, has been hailed a hero by a small group of Americans but her successful efforts to defy Ebola quarantines as dictated by a bipartisan selection of governors has made her Public Enemy No. 1 to a vast number of Americans.

With so little known about the spread of Ebola and evidence pointing to the fact that it’s much easier to get than initially thought, Hickox, her detractors say, has made herself an expert in a disease that more highly qualified medical professionals know very little about.

One of her most vocal detractors spoke up in a piece for the Daily Mail, and it’s unusual considering where the partisan lines are on the Ebola issue. With the right being more for mandatory Ebola quarantines and the left more opposed, it was surprising for some to see the left-leaning Piers Morgan speak out against the nurse, whom he sarcastically dubs “The Ebola Angel.”

“Nurse Hickox wants us to know she’s ‘outraged’, ‘demeaned’, ‘insulted’, ‘violated’ and ‘horrified’ by what’s happened to her. It’s a ‘shocking breach’ of her human rights and an ‘assault’ on her Constitutional freedoms.”

Morgan then envisions Jennifer Lawrence in the role of Kaci Hickox for a future TV mini-series. Hammering home the point that he’s not serious about that, however, he finds her actions since returning to America to be “astonishing… in its reckless selfishness.”

“If I were running this Ebola fight in America — and I am just as qualified to do so as the newly-appointed Ebola Czar — I wouldn’t trust America’s medics to ‘self-quarantine’ because as we have seen, they will either refuse to comply or lie about it… I would make a 21-day quarantine mandatory for every single doctor and nurse who returns from treating Ebola patients in Africa… No excuses, no exceptions, no succumbing to political point-scoring pressure… Chris Christie’s instincts about this are spot on. He’s been bold and decisive as President Obama has dithered and prevaricated.”

Morgan believes that an Ebola epidemic would “devastate” America.

“Why on earth would anyone charged with trying to prevent it happening take any risk, however small that risk may be?”

For Morgan, Kaci Hickox “should stop her pathetic squealing, fire her lawyer, get off TV, thank her lucky stars she’s not got Ebola, and stay inside her d*** home for the next couple of weeks to ensure there’s not a tiny scintilla of chance she could infect a fellow American.”

“This advice is not in any medical journal,” he adds. “It’s called ‘common sense.'”

Do you think Kaci Hickox is being selfish for defying Ebola quarantines and stoking fears of an epidemic? Share your thoughts in our comments section.