Neil Patrick Harris Makes Halloween A Family Affair In Superhero Costumes [Photos]

Neil Patrick Harris and his family decided to go with a theme this Halloween — and it’s pretty awesome. Harris, along with husband David Burtka and their two children Harper and Gideon, dressed up as different Gotham City characters. For those that aren’t familiar, Gotham City is the fictional location where Batman takes place.

Harris dressed as the Riddler while Burtka suited up as Jack Nicholson’s interpretation of the Joker. Their children Gideon and Harper struck powerful poses as Batman and Catwoman.

The How I Met Your Mother star posted the photo of the family dressed up for all of his followers, and they loved it.

The fun started early on in the day for the Harris-Burtka family. Earlier in the day, the two children were excited to go trick-or-treating and Neil decided to take a picture to show off just how excited his kids were. Harris shared the photo of the two not-so-patiently waiting out on their stoop for his fans on Twitter, which went viral.

Here’s some reactions to the Gotham family on Halloween.

Last year Neil Patrick Harris and his family went overboard with Halloween with multiple costumes. Here’s a photo of the family as the characters of Alice in Wonderland. Neil and David are Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Gideon is the Mad Hatter, and Harper is Alice.

Neil Patrick Harris

The second was an awesome Frankenstein theme.

Halloween costumes

What do you think of Neil Patrick Harris and his family’s Halloween outfits? Did they capture Gotham just right? Let us know!

[Images via ActuallyNPH / Twitter]