For These Celebrities, Makeup Is Like Photoshop In Real Life — See Their Stunning Transformations

Ever wonder what celebrities would look like if you saw them just being themselves — with no makeup? As any woman, and frankly, more than a few men are well aware, makeup can transform your face as if by magic — especially when applied by an expert. For the celebs in this video, as you’re about to see, makeup can transform their faces as well as Photoshop can — but without the expensive and complicated technology.

Here at the Inquisitr, we’ve shown you how a little, subtle Photoshop work can turn an already-attractive celebrity star into an otherworldly beauty. But we all know about the magic of special effects. Now just look at how good old-fashioned makeup effects do the same thing.

There are three sections to this video from our fresh-faced friends at BuzzFeed. First, you’ll see how an array of stars, including Katy Perry and Beyoncé, transform themselves from the no-makeup to full-makeup look — with miraculous results. Of course, makeup is not necessary for many of these stars to look beautiful — and let’s face it, it shouldn’t really be a requirement for anybody.

The second section of the video shows the celebrities with too much makeup. Do they look extra glamorous, or just frightening? You be the judge of that.

Finally, the video displays some excellent examples of “less is more.” These celebrities know that looking their best means using just enough makeup so that it looks as if they aren’t wearing makeup at all.

What do you think? Which of these celebrities get the most out of their makeup?