2014 Election Results: Did Liberals Rig Voting Machines To Switch Republican Votes To Democrat? Video May Prove So!

As early voting continues on for the 2014 election, Congress incumbents throw out their final volleys of promotion in persuading the population for their favor. The Inquisitr has kept up with the 2014 election in which this time around, Democrats seem to have the investigation lamp shined over their heads. There have been allegations of voter fraud in Arizona, Maryland, and Illinois in favor of the Democratic party as well as threatening letters towards registered Democratic voters in New York just to vote.

It is true this is a vital election for the Democratic Party and it doesn’t help their image being in the voting fraud limelight. Now it seems it will get worse for them as a new viral video shows a voting machine switching a person’s vote which so happens to be from a Republican candidate to a Democrat.

According to Top Right News and followed up by Young Conservatives, a video uploaded by East Moliner on YouTube shows a person voting for Neil Anderson (R-Illinois) for the Senate seat for District 36 at the local library in Moline, Illinois. However, when the person made their selection for Anderson, it highlighted Mike Jacobs (D-Illinois) instead. Since then, the video has gone viral among conservative sites who are now screaming voter fraud. Also, the fact this is the only video under the account probably implies that whomever recorded it isn’t a professional YouTuber but wanted to let others know of the voting machines being rigged.

Conservative Tribune also reported on the video in which they included other examples of Democratic voting fraud, especially when it pertains to our current president, Barack Obama. First, they reported that the Washington Post published a rather shocking article that claimed Obama essentially won North Carolina back in 2012 thanks to the help of “non-citizen” votes, which they also assumed was a strategy used in helping push Obamacare through. They also reported the situation in which Illinois Republican State Representative, Jim Moynihan, reportedly attempted to vote in an electronic voting booth in which his vote was automatically changed to the Democratic candidate. This was labeled as a “calibration error” by the officials in that district.

In conclusion, we can only take what is known through the video but if it is 100 percent authentic, this will probably result in backlash. What do you think about the video? Do you think liberals are rigging voting machines so that the Democrats win? Do you think something else?

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