Teen Finds $2,000 In Suit, Returns Church Sale Windfall To Rightful Owner

A teen finds $2,000 in a suit and returns the stack of cash in a heartwarming tale of honesty and integrity that is making headlines. A youngster from Canada restored faith in humanity when he found $2,000 in a suit on Saturday and behaved in a manner befitting a gentleman by turning in the cash instead of keeping it for himself.

When a teen finds $2,000 in a suit, it can be tempting to keep the cash and spend it. However, that’s not what 14-year-old Tom Campbell did on a recent outing to a church rummage sale with his grandmother Vivian Mitchell. Campbell discovered a pair of wallets inside a suit jacket that caught his eye at the Knox United Church event in Brandon, Manitoba. The honest ninth grader immediately handed in the two wallets stuffed with cash to the sale’s organizers.

The first wallet contained 20 $50 bills. Likewise, the second wallet was filled with crisp $50 bills. It also contained a blank check bearing the name and phone number of the original owner, according to CTV News. The phone line was disconnected, but the check provided the necessary clues to continue the search for the owner of the $2,000 the teen found in the suit. Mitchell checked the obituaries, and she learned that the man had died, but that wasn’t the end of the story.

Organizers were able to locate the rightful owner of the $2,000 the teen found in the suit, reported the New York Daily News. A man had donated the clothes after the death of a loved one, his brother. The family member expressed his gratitude to the honest teenager by giving him a $200 reward for turning in the loot.

Knox United Church sale organizer had nothing but high praise for Tom Campbell and Vivian Mitchell.

“[It’s a] wonderful story [of] truth and honesty with a young man and his grandmother. They could have walked out of the door with $2,000 in their pocket.”

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