Floyd Mayweather Jr Acts Like Entitled Brat, Sanctioned By Federal Judge

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been ordered by a federal judge in South Carolina to perform 40 hours of community service after the prize fighter failed to give his deposition in a recent court case. Mayweather said he was recuperating form injuries he sustained during a fight however it was later learned he was actually partying at a nightclub the night before he was set to appear in court.

For his community service Mayweather Jr. will be placed with the Las Vegas Habitat for Humanity Project where he must complete his 40 hours of work before the end of January. If his work is not completed in the allotted time U.S. District Judge Joseph F. Anderson Jr. has promised further penalties.

The lawsuit stems from a claim by Anthony Dash that Mayweather, his production company and World Wrestling Entertainment sampled Dash’s music without his permission when Mayweather performed for the WWE in 2008 and 2009.

The original deposition was set for the July date but was moved to the end of September after Mayweather’s lawyers asked for more time since the fighter was training for a match.

Three days before he was set to appear for his deposition Mayweather asked for a delay to recover from injuries, Mayweather claimed his doctor told him to remove stress until results from his MRI were revealed. Mayweather’s lawyer insisted Mayweather was not partying up until the time that Dash’s lawyers provided video proof from the Echelon 3000 club outside Atlanta where he was seen throwing money into the crowd and burning bills.

Judge Anderson after giving Mayweather community service ordered Mayweather to pay Dash’s lawyer expenses cause by the delay.

In his decision to order Mayweather to community service rather than issuing a fine Anderson wrote:

“At the parties in question, Mayweather can be seen burning money, allegedly one-hundred dollar bills, while in another video he throws money into the crowd. Mayweather often advertises himself using the moniker ‘Money Mayweather’ and his production company is Philthy Rich Records. Suffice it to say that Mayweather has substantial personal wealth.”

Perhaps he can do some heavy lifting on the job site to get his training in, unless of course he continues to act like an entitled brat and comes up with new lies to avoid his court order.