Rush Limbaugh: Catcall Video Actress ‘Has Bust Size of 34DD! This Woman Puts It Out There!’

Rush Limbaugh, the embattled conservative radio talk show host who, in the past, has faced criticism for use of sexist language, addressed the topic of the viral “catcall video” that went viral generating controversy both on and offline this week — and Limbaugh’s take was not sympathetic to the woman depicted in the video suffering street harassment more than 100 times in a single day.

The video featured New York actress Shoshana Roberts walking New York streets for 10 hours — condensed down to under two minutes for the viral online video — experiencing a rapid-fire succession of unsolicited remarks and “compliments” — as well as in one instance being closely followed by one man for what the video said was over five minutes.

A cameraman walked in front of Roberts, recording all of the events with a GoPro camera. Throughout the video, Roberts followed instructions to look straight ahead, ignoring all unsolicited remarks, and keeping a neutral facial expression. She also carried a microphone in each hand, in plain view.

View the now-famous catcall video here:

While many who saw the video were shocked by the sheer quantity of harassments directed at Roberts, Rush Limbaugh on his program instead seemed fixated on Roberts’ body type.

“We’ve got a budding actress, and she’s got a web site, where she has a bio. And on her bio, she proudly announces that she has a bust size of 34DD! This woman puts it out there!”

For actors of both genders to include physical measurements on their resumés is not unusual, and in fact in many instances is required due to the entertainment industry practice of casting filmed and stage productions by “type.”

Limbaugh also dismissed the remarks directed at Roberts as “men being polite.”

“I was expecting some real boorish, sexist, dangerous — I was expecting some real, real rotten conduct by guys. I didn’t see that. I saw, ‘Hey baby,’ ‘Looking good today, girl,’ ‘Have a good day.'”

Since the video went viral, Roberts has received threats of rape from anonymous individuals angered by the video.

Limbaugh stated that men in general are prone to making remarks out loud about women they find attractive, even women they have never seen before on their lives. “You see a pretty woman, you react to it,” he said, also noting that in the video Roberts wore “snug black jeans.”

Limbaugh later attempted to defend himself against charges of sexism, asserting, “I love the women’s movement, especially when walking behind it.”

Listen to an audio excerpt of the Rush Limbaugh catcall video broadcast below.