‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Premiere: Chris Soules’ Debut To Be Super-Sized ‘Live’ Event

ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 with Chris Soules premieres in January, and now fans can look forward to a jam-packed evening of romance and drama. The network has just revealed that the first night of Season 19 will be a three-hour event and they’re even touting that it’s live. What’s the scoop?

Some fans wondered about ABC sharing that The Bachelor 2015 premiere would be live, but the reality is that it will be very much like how the finale is done these days. As much fun as it would be for viewers to watch Chris Soules meet the ladies live, that’s not going to be how this one works. The show itself is being taped now, and the introductions between Chris and the bachelorettes were filmed in mid-September.

As TVLine notes, The Bachelor 2015 premiere will feature pre-recorded elements including the limo greetings, cocktail party and rose ceremony. The “live” component will be where host Chris Harrison will have an audience of fans in a studio and he will add commentary throughout the premiere. There will also be some former The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and perhaps Bachelor in Paradise contestants there to give their insight and perhaps some updates on their lives these days.

At this point, it hasn’t been revealed yet just which “Bachelor Nation” folks will be at the premiere. Fans will have to wait on that a bit yet, just as they are waiting regarding the contestants who will be doing the Tournament of Roses Parade float with Soules, Harrison, and the show just ahead of the premiere. Granted, fans can take some pretty good guesses about the most likely candidates, and surely soon there will be some hints revealed by people via social media.

Will Chris find love this season? The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve just revealed that Soules and his final four ladies are in the midst of taping their hometown dates. As is the norm, after that rose ceremony the final three will join Chris somewhere romantic for overnight dates, and the final rose ceremony will be taped soon.

Host Chris Harrison has teased via Twitter that this may be the most dramatic season yet, though at this point fans tend to take those types of statements from him with a grain of salt. While Reality Steve’s spoilers have dished out some The Bachelor spoilers already, there are plenty more yet to come. The super-sized premiere of Season 19 hits ABC on Monday, January 5. Will Chris Soules find love this season on The Bachelor 2015? Fans certainly hope so.

[Image via ABC]