London Olympics Under Hot Water For Using Wood From Endangered Area

When the London Summer Olympics rolls around in 2012 basketball teams from the United States, Australia, Russian, the UK and other countries will be practicing on some very rare ground. It turns out that the basketball court is being constructed from eucalyptus wood which is being logged from a 1,000-year-old Tasmanian forest.

That forest unfortunately is not just full of old trees but also various endangered species including the Tasmanian Devil.

Adding to Olympic promoters woes it has also been discovered that the United Nations has been working to have the area in question marked as a protected area because of it’s value as a habitat for the nearly extinct species it houses.

According to the Independent the Olympic games in recent years have attempted to be “green” but the building where the new court is being built is not supervised by London 2012 organizers, instead the court is being built by the University of East London. According to University officials they were never made aware of the floors origin.

In defending the new floor the Malaysian manufacturer involved in the build says they did not break any laws and that the timber used was not from “old growth trees.”

Speaking about the logged timber used in the process one activist says the practice of using endangered woods must “end the UK’s part in wrecking some of the world’s last remaining old growth forests.”

Do you believe that the London Olympics organizers should have more oversight concerning construction practices used for the games?