Rick Perry: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal Was Irresponsible

Texas Governor Rick Perry has a few problems with the way President Obama has been running the country. In a recent interview, the GOP presidential hopeful called Obama’s decision to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell irresponsible.

Perry said that a person’s sexuality shouldn’t be an issue in the military. Perry said that the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy was working well and that Obama only repealed the anti-gay legislation for political reasons and not because it was good for the military.

Perry told Christiane Amanpour of ABC News:

“I think you go back to commanders in the field and have that conversation. I think Don’t Ask Don’t Tell worked very well… Changing a policy that was working well and to do it while we were at war in two different theaters, I think was irresponsible and I truly believe he did it to respond to his political base.”

Perry, who served in the Air Force, said that a person’s sexuality is no one’s business but their own. Perry said:

“If an individual in their private life makes a decision about their sexuality from the standpoint of how they’re going to practice it, that’s their business. I don’t think that question needs to be asked. That’s reason don’t ask don’t tell was in fact a workable policy and that’s where I would be comfortable with our country going back to that.”

Here’s a video of Rick Perry’s interview with Christiane Amanpour.