‘Grim Reaper’ Stabs San Diego Woman In Her Bathroom

Imagine you’re in your bathroom early Halloween morning, getting ready for your day, when the Grim Reaper suddenly appears and attacks, wielding a knife and stabbing you.

This terrifying scenario actually unfolded this Halloween morning in the city of Vista in southern California’s San Diego area.

FOX 5 San Diego reports the horrific incident took place early Friday when someone believed to be a woman dressed as the Grim Reaper appeared in the victim’s bathroom. The victim was blow drying her hair when the Grim Reaper-costumed attacker stabbed her several times, including in the back and hand. The Grim Reaper suspect then jumped off the victim’s second story balcony and fled.

The stabbing took place at the woman’s Vista residence and the attack occurred around 1:50 a.m., according to San Diego County Sheriff’s Office’s Lt. James Bolwerk.

The stabbing victim told authorities she was in her bathroom the whole time and the Grim Reaper suspect just came into her townhouse and started stabbing her before jumping off the balcony and escaping into the dark.

How the Grim Reaper assailant got into the victim’s residence remains a mystery, reported UT San Diego.

The victim believed the Grim Reaper suspect was a woman, judging by her voice. What exactly the Grim Reaper suspect said was not divulged. Along with the stab wounds and other injuries covering her upper body and back, the victim also suffered a significant scratch on her scalp said Sgt. Nick Maryn.

The victim was transported by paramedics to Palomar Medical Center. The injuries inflicted by the Grim Reaper suspect were believed to be non-life threatening wounds, said Sgt. Maryn.

Though deputies set up a perimeter in the neighborhood and searched the area with tracker dogs, the Grim Reaper attacker had vanished and was nowhere to be found.

Perhaps setting a disturbing trend in the gated community, residents told Fox 5 that another resident was also stabbed October 22nd while taking out his trash. That attacker is believed to be a man in his 30s. According to investigators, no suspects have been identified in that attack either.

In interviews with other neighbors in the seemingly very nice gated community, ABC 10 News found several residents to be concerned, frightened and on edge, definitely taking the fun out of Halloween.

One women said she planned to be leaving the neighborhood and was going to, “stay away all day — not even risk it.”

The woman next to her expressed similar feelings, though she simply planned to not open her door. “I mean how do you know if it’s (not) some nutty person (knocking)? It’s sad. Kind of ruins the holiday.”

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