Bride Pulls Wedding Prank, Ages Herself 50 Years, Husband Erupts In Anger

A bride’s attempted prank on her impending husband on their wedding day backfired massively after he erupted in furious anger at her attempted joke.

Qing Kao decided that it would be rather hilarious to put wrinkles all over her face and cover her hair in grey streak. However, her husband to be was far from impressed, and the pair soon found themselves in a furious argument because of her antics.

Guo Chien was understandably apoplectic that Qing Kao thought this was both the right time and place to age herself by 50 years. She made the choice just ahead of the photo shoot for their wedding, which is still set to be held in Shenzhen city in southeast China’s Guandong province in the near future.

Qing Kao, 26, turned up with her face covered in make-up to look a lot older. This included making her look as if she had wrinkles, while her skin had also been made paler too. Unperturbed by the fact that the duo were out in public, Guo Chien erupted and launched a vitriolic attack on his bride to be. This was while passers-by, shoppers, schoolchildren, and hoards of other people walked along the street near-by.

Obviously, Qing Kao didn’t believe that her partner would have react in this manner. And she explained as much to local media when they asked what had caused the kerfuffle.

“I thought he would laugh and see it as a joke but he was furious, and told me there was no way he would have photographs with me looking like that. He then got in a taxi and left.”

According to the Mirror, Guo Chien shouted at his girlfriend to go home so that she could wash off the make-up and wrinkles. After she tried to defend her actions, Qing Kao instead got into the taxi and headed back home. This just left Guo Chien alone in the busy city square. Clearly embarrassed and ashamed, she burst into tears and then proceeded to sit down on the floor. She eventually got into a taxi and left the scene.

Those of you who are hoping that there is a happy ending to this tale will have to wait with bated breath. As it has since been reported that Guo Chien and Qing Kao haven’t actually spoken since the incident. It’s even believed that it is up in the air whether their wedding will actually proceed at all now.

[Image via The Mirror]