71-Year-Old Man Shoots, Kills Man Who Allegedly Robbed His Wife: Justice? [Video]

While some people tend to assume elderly people cannot defend themselves, one Dallas man has definitely proven otherwise. As a matter of fact, the tragic ordeal to a devastating turn with shots fired, a parking lot crash, and an unexpected death.

On the evening of Tuesday, October 28, Ronney Lummus, reportedly shot and killed an alleged robber who has been identified as Mike Carmillio, a 36-year-old Latin male. According to NBC-DFW, the incident occurred at the Aldi Grocery Store in Northwest Dallas. Carmillio allegedly knocked down the 71-year-old man’s wife and snatched her gold necklace. Lummus, who has a concealed handgun permit, decided to take matters into his own hands.

When Carmillio made an attempt to flee from the scene, Lummus reportedly fired multiple times. Yadira Juarez, the young woman who witnessed the entire incident, shared details with CBS-DFW.

“It was, like, about six shots? I guess the last two that’s when they hit and he hit the other car that was parked,” Juarez said. I was shocked, you never seen nothing like it, you know? You always see it in movies, but not in person.

“I guess they shot him in the mirror — like the passenger’s? Then it went through his cheek and by his throat”

She went on to reveal she did make an effort to assist Carmillio, but unfortunately he was already dead. So she went to aid Mrs. Lummus, who was visibly shaken by the devastating turn of events.

“We were trying to see if [Mrs. Lummus] was okay but she was on the ground, she was shaking, we were trying to make sure she was okay and just giving her water. Her neck was all red, I guess from him, I guess he was choking her and pulled her down because she had scrapes and she had one bruise, but it all just happened so fast.”

According to WFAA, “Under Texas law, a person can legally shoot someone who is robbing them if they think just after the robbery, that is the only way they are going to be able to recover their property. The shooting must also occur as the robbery is taking place, a person could not hunt down the suspect later.”

If Lummus was indicted, the case could have been presented to a grand jury. However, the Dallas Police Department has stated that no charges will be filed.

Do you think Lummus’ actions were extreme or justifiable? Share your thoughts.

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