Amanda Bynes Lashes Out Against Parents, Manager On Twitter After Psych Release, ‘I Am Enraged’

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes was released from a psych hold late Thursday night and took to Twitter today to lash out against her parents and manager. Amanda’s manager and parents were responsible for having her committed to the psych facility against her will and she was “enraged.”

The series of tweets started with Amanda stating, “it is not illegal to talk about my personal business.” The barrage of angry and strange tweets then began.

That was the first series of tweets posted that include the accusatory statement that her father sexual assaulted her. This isn’t the first time that Amanda has claimed the assault, but it appears there is not any evidence of the abuse as police have not pressed any charges.

After the first set of tweets, Bynes then claims that she was on her way to court. However, the stream of tweets did not end.

After she finished stating that she would be heading to court to take back her rights to her own life and that her parents and manager were just out to get her money, she proceeded to start a series of strange tweets about her appearance and the appearance of others.

What do you think of the latest tweets from Amanda Bynes? Is she telling the truth or are the tweets just an extension of the mental issues she is facing?