Kylie And Kendall Book Sales Represent Rare Failure For Jenner Girls

Kylie and Kendall’s book sales are less than impressive for the two youngest members of the blended Kardashian/Jenner clan. Everything they touch typically turns to gold. When it comes to sales, Kylie and Kendall’s book Rebels: City of Indra seems to be the exception. Released in June 2014, the dystopian science fiction novel has sold a paltry 13,000 copies, according to New York Daily News.

Just for comparison’s sake, Fifty Shades Of Grey sold 60 million copies. That doesn’t include the two sequels. The entire Harry Potter series sold 450 million copies worldwide. Kylie and Kendall’s book sales represent only a tiny fraction of that amount.

Fortunately for Kylie and Kendall, book sales are only a small percentage of how they make their money.

Although Kylie and Kendall Jenner are listed as the book’s authors, the novel was actually penned by a ghostwriter named Maya Sloan. Readers on Amazon have rated the book a measly two stars out of five, noted the Daily Mail. Among the 141 book reviews written about Rebels: City of Indra, there are many single-star ratings that attempt to put a humorous spin on the 353-page tome. Other reviews were not so lighthearted.

“What’s really funny about this ‘book’ is that the Jenner sisters, both high school dropouts, know so little about writing that they couldn’t even find a ghost writer who could spell or use correct punctuation. I taught junior high and high school English, and taught elementary school students for twenty-five years, and this reads like a sixth or seventh grade girl’s fiction journal. You know they were dreaming about massive sales and a movie deal. It’s just sad and pathetic, like the Kardashian family itself.”

Not so long ago, Kylie was asking people to find something to talk about other than her prominent pouty lips. Even big sister Kim Kardashian attempted to put the rumors of lip injections to rest when she dished about Kylie’s makeup routine, which includes lip liner but not lipstick or lip gloss, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Of course, it isn’t only Kylie’s mouth that’s making headlines. Her rumored romance with an older man caught the attention of her fans, but momager Kris Jenner assured Ryan Seacrest that there’s nothing romantic about her youngest daughter’s relationship with 24-year-old rapper Tyga. In fact, the close friends even slept in separate hotel rooms during a recent tour of Europe, the Inquisitr wrote.

Comments are welcome. What do you think? Did you even know about Kylie and Kendall’s fiction book? Do you plan to rush out and buy a copy to help boost their book sales?

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