Couple Reportedly Suing State of Tennessee For Right To Choose Their Newborn Son’s Last Name

Kim Sarubbi and her husband, Carl Abramson, are challenging the state of Tennessee’s laws regarding surnames. According to WSMV, the couple has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the state for the right to choose their son’s last name. Sarubbi and Abramson named their newborn son Camden Sabr, which is a combination of letters from both their last names.

They revealed their two older children, Alex and Maya, also share the name. Although the children were not born in the state of Tennessee, the couple expressed they’ve never faced any legal complications with the surname — until now. This time around, the state reportedly refuses to grant the request allowing the Sabr surname to be added to the child’s birth certificate.

According to WHDH, Tennessee law mandates that a baby’s surname be the same as the father’s last name or a combination of the mother and father’s last names. A state representative from Tennessee’s Vital Records office reportedly contacted Sarubbi a day after Camden was born to inform them that their request had been denied. The representative also reiterated the laws in reference to state requirements for surnames.

However, the couple refuses to accept the state’s response. Now, with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), they have filed a lawsuit to challenge the state’s laws. The couple has also shared their perspective of the state’s laws. They reportedly feel the surname law is “outdated,” reports WTKR.

“It’s about changing the law. It’s an outdated law,” Sarubbi said.

“It’s a parental right to name your child whatever you want. It has no bearing on the state whatsoever,” Abramson said. “Our first two children have Sabr. So to have two kids with one name, but we can’t name the other one Sabr. It’s just bizarre,” Abramson said.

Officials for the state of Tennessee have declined to comment due to the impending lawsuit.

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