Miley $300,000 Ryan McGinley: ‘Drunk’ Miley Cyrus Drops Serious Cash For A Good Cause

Miley amfAR

Miley spent $300,000 on a Ryan McGinley painting at the 2014 amfAR LA Inspiration Gala. According to The SpreadIt, the singer was drunk when she made the purchase, but the money went to a good cause. Apparently Cyrus got in to a “bidding war” with Tom Ford over the painting, which was of a nude woman. Cyrus ended up winning.

The $300,000 spent on the painting will help those living with HIV and AIDS. After the purchase, Cyrus donated an additional $200,000 to the AIDS research organization.

“I’m not generous, I’m a little drunk, that is why I am half of million deep,” Cyrus joked.

The $300,000 spent by Miley on the Ryan McGinley coupled with her side donation was a move in the right direction for Cyrus, who explained that she’s happy to raise awareness and to be a voice for those that have been affected by HIV and AIDS.

“If I’m going to have a voice, I would like to start an open dialogue about prevention and awareness and how people in the world have been affected by HIV and AIDS. Hopefully I could break down people’s walls that have been built up around sexuality. I’m obviously not too embarrassed to talk about these things, especially with young people.”

According to Star Pulse, this may be Cyrus’ new calling. She recently signed on as MAC’s Viva Glam Cosmetics spokesperson (others who have done this include Lady Gaga and Rihanna). Miley will have her own shade of makeup (usually a lipstick and/or a blush) which will be sold at MAC counters nationwide. The line is due out in 2015, and all of the money raised from sales of these particular items will be donated to HIV and AIDS research.

Miley’s $300,000 Ryan McGinley painting will more than likely fit in with her current home decor, especially if it’s anything like how she’s been dressing lately. Cyrus’ style has certainly evolved over the years, and she’s been seen wearing less clothes — and the clothes that she does wear tend to be rather bizarre. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Miley’s recent wardrobe choices have been called “outrageous.”

Just last month, Miley Cyrus made headlines when she stepped out (yes, in public) wearing pasties shaped like ice cream cones on her nipples… and nothing else on top. Clearly she’s busy doing her own thing, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not making time for other important things, like donating to charity.

[Photo courtesy of Vijat Mohindra via Billboard]