WWE News: New WWE Divas Are Now Being Hired On Their Looks Alone

In what has become quite obvious in WWE, it appears as if WWE is now hiring women based only on their looks according to a source within WWE. Such a nice thing to do, right? WWE has hired women based on their ability to perform in the ring before. In fact, some of the girls on WWE’s roster now were Independent workers before coming to WWE. Emma, Paige, AJ Lee and Natalya all worked in wrestling before joining WWE.

WWE has signed various performers over the last number of months. In fact, many touted Triple H due to his ability to find new talent as well as the fact that he signing top Indy talent in the world. This type of talent scouting is taking a step back to the Johnny Ace years of finding women however. When Jim Ross was Head of Talent Relations, many of the girls came in with some sort of wrestling talent. However, WWE did sign their fair share of women that were models. Trish Stratus was a fitness model before WWE in fact.

She came in pretty much during a time in which WWE needed to have more beautiful women, but she managed to learn the business and is now considered the best WWE Diva of all time. The Attitude Era needed ladies to come in and perform half dressed. A great body led to more men watching, which was the audience WWE was trying to attract. This was a time in which looks were a huge part of the package when a girl was being hired as it had to be.

Gionna Daddio

When John Laurinaitis came in helping to bring in talent, things were starting to get weird. JR would seemingly find the men and Johnny the ladies. Things went even weirder when John took over talent relations from Ross. It started to get comical on who WWE would bring in.

Most women ended up coming in with no skill and the female performance rate went downhill quickly. They have found rare gems like Eve Torres and Michelle McCool, however both had a lot of help and both had a sports background before coming into the company. They also came on much slower than the women before them, only getting in the ring after a good bit of training.

Since the late 90’s, WWE has been going with a simple formula; hire hot women in hopes of finding the next Trish Stratus. The issue is, they have yet to find the next model turned excellent ring worker. That is why they have been trying to hire women with some experience. They have also been hiring some women with sports backgrounds and training them up so that at least they know athletically they can do well. Summer Rae worked in the LFL before coming to WWE and was known for her hard hitting style on the field. Her looks combined with potential ability helped her out. When she came into WWE, she had to work in developmental like all other ladies do today.

Before, WWE would throw the women on the main roster and they’d learn as they went.

Some did have time in developmental, but they would barely be there before WWE would push them up to the main roster.

Zahra Schrieber

The difference between today versus then is that WWE has plenty of women on the main roster and they cannot perform using only their looks. Long gone are the days of the bra and panties match, so WWE Divas have to be able to wrestle or they cannot survive in today’s WWE. They do not have to throw someone up to the main roster before they are ready in the ring now. This is why women that have come out of NXT have shown some skill in the ring. It helps that WWE hired former Indy great Sara Del Rey as a trainer for the ladies. However, it is a bit weird that WWE is hiring simply on looks for women now. Some can be big for them despite this.

Zahra Schreiber and Gionna Daddio, two WWE’s newest signings, came in only based on looks in fact. Neither had a major background in anything worth note other than modeling. Gionna was. Some think it is just another day, however it appears as if WWE is now pretty much telling women you will not have a chance with us unless you are very good looking. While most understand the idea behind it, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So who technically decides who is beautiful enough to get in? Is that a Triple H thing? A Stephanie McMahon thing?

While WWE has the right to hire whoever they choose, they are not making themselves look good in the female demographic with concepts like this. Sure, WWE does a lot of charity work and just committed an entire month to Breast Cancer Awareness. However, it is not about one month but twelve. If WWE does things like this for the other eleven, how many female fans will be happy with the WWE?

The concept of hiring women is considered a joke at that point. Forget ring skill or something that can make them stand out. Beauty can only go so far in a world where must a combination of looks and skill. By doing this, it becomes another beauty contest to get into WWE and not about what it is supposed to be, wrestling. It isn’t even sports entertainment at that point. Mainly because sucky wrestling matches do not entertain us, no matter how hot the women are.

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