Kate Gosselin Gets Ready For Halloween By Ignoring Stories About Her

Kate Gosselin is a controversial reality star because people have mixed feelings about this mother of eight. When she was on television, Kate would film her life with her eight children and her then-husband, Jon Gosselin. But when Kate learned that her husband was having an affair, she divorced him. Since then, she has been on-and-off television with her children, and some people feel that she is desperate to be in the spotlight.

Kate Gosselin has been accused several times of using her children to stay in the spotlight, but her Twitter account tells a different story. Here, fans get a peek into her life as a mother, who just wants to raise her children. And even though the tabloids are running wild with stories about her, Kate Gosselin is just doing the daily tasks and chores of a mother.

According to a new tweet, Kate Gosselin revealed that she is all about getting her children ready for Halloween, even if it means stepping up her game. This morning, Kate Gosselin tweeted that she got out the ironing board so she could put the finishing touches on her children’s costumes. And it sounds like her kids are excited to come home from school to go trick-or-treating.

Kate Gosselin was recently in the news because she was having a yard sale where she was selling some of her older belongings. Her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, apparently showed up and starting demanding that he got some of his things back. But the stories regarding the yard sale appear to differ.

An eyewitness said that Kate Gosselin “stayed clear away” from Jon while filming the Kate Plus 8 special set to air on TLC this December.

“If he would go anywhere near her, she’d keep her distance,” the eyewitness says, adding, “She wouldn’t get [close to] Jon because she knows that’s what he wants, for those pictures to go everywhere.”

Of course, Jon Gosselin isn’t a big part of Kate Gosselin’s life. The two can start bickering in the press, but they rarely talk in private. The fact that he showed up to the yard sale could hint that he wants to get back in the spotlight. Previous reports claimed that he was broke.

Jon has even been accused of slamming Kate Gosselin in the press. Recently, Kate was slammed for not wearing makeup as she went out in public, according to the Inquisitr. This is just one of many examples of people slamming Kate Gosselin for no apparent reason.

What do you think of Kate Gosselin ignoring the rumors about her and focusing on her children’s Halloween experience?

[Image via Toronto Wide]