Prediction: Google Auto & Music Up Next


Want to start a betting pool on Google's next venture? Some Internet data might just give you the upper hand.

Hitwise actually predicted this week's launch of Lively, the virtual chat world introduced Tuesday, and also predicted the Google Health service launched before it in May. It's no magic trick, though: Analysts there started looking at data of Google's clickstream traffic. That lets them see what types of sites are getting the most traffic from Google -- and thus have highest interest to Google's users.

"Our thinking was that Google might want to fill natural gaps in its portfolio of offerings based on the interests of its users," Hitwise UK VP of Research Heather Hopkins explains. "We looked at which categories are receiving the most traffic from Google in which Google does not have its own property."

Back in January, health and entertainment topped the list. The newest analysis shows cars and tunes as the most likely next targets, leading Hitwise to put its money on Google Auto and Google Music for the future.

Hitwise has sure had decent odds thus far. Might be time to place a friendly office bet and see what happens.