Ebola Prank: Mother Pranks Son By Telling Him He Has Ebola Virus

Ebola Prank: A mother and a man are coming under fire for pranking her son by telling him that he has Ebola. The video was first uploaded to Vine by Tevyn Demmings, where it has received massive views. According to the Daily Mail, the title of the hilarious or disturbing video is entitled “When you lie and tell a bad a** kid they got Ebola.” The people in the video appear to be the young boy’s parents.

The Ebola Halloween prank video begins with a worried African American mother taking her small son’s temperature. She then states the following.

Mother: “Look at his temperature.”

Man: “Oh hell, no. This n***a got Ebola.”

Just before the man finishes his statement, the little boy bursts into tears. Another small aged boy who had been inside the bathroom with them, quickly disappears just as the pranked boy starts to cry. The distraught boy appears to between 8 and 9 years old.

Several parts of the video are uploaded to an Instagram account. (Tev216) In those videos, the man, who appears to be the father but is actually the cousin, according to the Instagram account, asks the little boy if he thinks he has bad parents. Later, he asks the boy if he has Ebola. In another part of the video, the mother screams frantically that her mask has come off as the boy hysterically cries.

According to the real people in the video, earlier that day, the little boy walked up to his mother to tell her that he had Ebola, and then laughed. His mother and cousin then decided it would teach him a good lesson if they pranked him back. The mother and man in the video are shocked that it has made national news. The controversial video has received over 2 million views, over 14,000 likes and over 15,000 re-Vines. Earlier this month, Inquisitr reported on a Halloween car wash prank that left drivers terrified.

[Photo Credit:YouTube]