Taylor Swift’s New Kitten Charms Twitter [Pics]

Taylor Swift’s new kitten has stolen the collective heart of the Twittersphere, after the country singer tweeted a pic of herself with Meredith, her unreasonably adorable adopted kitten.

The 21-year-old country singer told her nine million followers that she was “Hanging out with my new roommate, Meredith” late last week.

Meredith, for the record, is a rare breed of kitty known as the Scottish Fold. I know from personal experience of trying to acquire one (for a friend, because I’M A MANLY MAN AND ONLY KEEP ROTTWEILERS AND STUFF*) that these cats are rare as chicken teeth. A gene mutation in the breed leads to their ear cartilage containing a fold, which in turn leads to D’AWWWWWW.

Anyway, the cats usually weigh in at around $1,000 for a healthy, vaccinated animal, with demand for the kittens exceeding supply. While Swift probably had no issue sourcing a Scottish Fold of her own, most people who want one often find themselves on waiting lists, and little wonder – just look at that damn thing.

And hey, Meredith already has a celebrity admirer. Upon seeing the pic, fellow pop star Katy Perry tweeted Swift to ask:

“OH MY GOSH. Is this kitty for real!?!?”

“Yes!” came the obvious reply from Swift, who added, “And currently chasing her own tail. PS I miss you!”

* It was totally for me.