WWE News: The Undertaker Could Be Headed For Retirement, Larger Backstage Role

The WWE shocked its followers by having The Undertaker lose at Wrestlemania 30 and now it appears that the streak-busting loss could be part of a transition out of the ring and into a backstage role.

For months there had been speculation that 49-year-old wrestler, whose real name is Mark William Calaway, could be ready to leave his wrestling days behind. Now, with a new role in the WWE's developmental system, the rumors that The Undertaker could be retiring are kicking up once again.

This week the WWE announced that The Undertaker is taking on a larger role at its developmental system, NXT. The wrestler has become a part-time trainer with the organization and will be making visits to the Performance Center to help develop the WWE's young and emerging talent.

EWrestlingNews reported on the development and shed a bit more light on the role The Undertaker will be playing:

"Apparently the deal is that Taker will be able to pick and choose the dates that he works and it won't be anything like a regular full-time role. The idea is for him to come in, give NXT talents some pointers and help drive the 'WWE etiquette' into developmental talents."

"Another reason is that WWE wants up-and-coming talents to know what is expected of them if and when they reach the main roster, and they feel Undertaker is the perfect guy to handle that."

It isn't clear whether the role at NXT will mean less time in the ring for The Undertaker, but many have speculated that he is near retirement. After the shocking loss to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 30 and The Undertaker's subsequent hospital stay for a concussion, many speculated that he will retire sooner rather than later.

As Dave Wilcox of AuburnPub.com wrote at the time, The Undertaker may be preparing for his WWE swan song:

"The Undertaker's shocking loss to Brock Lesnar, the end of his legendary WrestleMania winning streak and an overnight hospital stay suggest the 49-year-old Dead Man is not long for active competition. But he has exactly one reason to stick around -- that long-rumored match with Sting, who may be closer than ever to finally coming to WWE. The longtime WCW franchise has said he wants to wrestle Undertaker in his last match."
But if it's true that The Undertaker is retiring, he won't be going far from the WWE. His role with NXT is expected to be an important one as he evaluates up-and-coming talent and lets the WWE know what to expect from them in the ring.