Camilla Parker-Bowles Wins Real Game Of Thrones! Prince William Out As King, Royal Rumor Says

Camilla Parker-Bowles, royal watchers believe, has been playing a real life "Game of Thrones" since her marriage to longtime lover Prince Charles in 2005, and according to a new palace rumor she has actually won, elbowing out Prince William and Kate Middleton for the coveted British throne.

As with many of these royal rumors, this one was reported in a tabloid and comes from an "inside source." And this one is short on detail -- but the details that it does contain, if true, make it a blockbuster.

According to the report in November 10 issue of The Globe, Camilla Parker-Bowles, who has allegedly been scheming for years to get her husband Prince Charles onto the British throne as quickly as possible -- presumably allowing her to assume the title of Queen Consort -- has won a major battle in her behind-the-scenes war with her stepson, Prince William, and stepdaughter in-law, Kate Middleton.

Camilla has "really upped the ante" in her machinations against William and Kate, according to the rumor site Celebrity Dirty Laundry, which summarized the offline-only Globe report. In fact, the second wife of Prince Charles -- who was conducting an extramarital affair with the Prince as far back as the 1980s when he was married to Princess Diana and she was also still hitched to army officer Andrew Parker-Bowles -- is now said to have "launched a full-blown mental assault" against Kate Middleton.

What does that "assault" consist of? Well, that's not really clear. But according to these reports, Camilla seems determined by whatever means necessary to make life behind palace walls as difficult as possible for Kate -- and, by extension, Prince William, simply by causing as much conflict and disagreement as possible within the royal family.

And it seems she has emerged victorious, at least temporarily. Because -- and this is the bombshell -- it seems that after the birth of Prince George, Queen Elizabeth decided that the best course of action for the British monarchy would be to bypass Prince Charles -- her son and heir apparent -- altogether, and grant the throne directly to Prince William.

Of course, that would be a stunning defeat for Camilla especially seeing how, at 68 years old already, she may feel that whatever time she is able to spend as Queen of England may be limited.

But in an even more stunning turn of events, according to the tabloid's "inside source," Prince William told his grandmother, "thanks, but no thanks." The fierce infighting and general upset caused by Camilla, he felt, would only grow worse if he became king and, most important to Prince William, Kate Middleton became Queen.

Out of sheer love for his wife, Prince William turned down his chance to become king, simply to keep Kate Middleton safe.

The story is a terribly romantic one, if indeed it happened the way the tabloid reported. But it also spells bad news for supporters of Kate Middleton and Prince William, because it means that Camilla Parker-Bowles -- the woman who stole Prince Charles from William's own mother -- has won.