Inside A Shark Attack: GoPro Footage Captures Predator's Bite

Divers at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas often get close to the sharks that call the area home, yet one photographer captured astonishing footage as a tiger shark attacked a GoPro, revealing the inside of the predator's bite.

YouTube user lasongo posted video of the encounter, noting that a GoPro Hero 3 with a Snake River Prototyping filter was used in order to record it. In the midst of the photographer's first dive at Tiger Beach, according to Shark Attack News, two tiger sharks approached the camera, each in turn. The first shark used its nose to bump into the GoPro, which followed the animal as it moved away.

As the cameraman turned back to the second tiger shark, the predator approached, eying the camera. Moving quickly, the shark attacked the GoPro, biting it as the lens focused down the animal's throat, capturing the sight of the sea through its gills. Realizing that the camera wasn't its preferred prey after a moment, the tiger shark released the GoPro before swimming slowly away.

Tiger Beach is a popular spot for divers wishing to interact with the predators and, although the site is famous for tiger sharks, it is also populated by other species, including lemon sharks, reef sharks and nurse sharks. As Shark Diver Magazine points out, the site is home to several resident animals. With names like Princess, W and Gothic Girl, some of these sharks are over 12 feet in length, weighing more than 1,000 pounds. The largest shark to call Tiger Beach home is nicknamed Emma, measuring nearly 17 feet.Recently, one of Tiger Beach's resident sharks survived an astonishing attack, as the Inquisitr previously noted. Disappearing for several months, a tiger shark nicknamed Hook returned to the area with a bullet wound directly above her gills. While the attack wasn't witnessed, the shark exhibited both entry and exit wounds from a round that pierced its body. Pregnant, the tiger shark is set to give birth in just a few month's time, despite its injuries.

More recently, tiger sharks have been blamed for a spate of attacks in Hawaii, which left a trio of surfers and paddleboarders shaken but uninjured over the course of a week. The passing of Hurricane Ana caused the waters around Maui to become muddied and unclear, a known risk factor for ambush-style shark attacks.

[Image: lasongo via YouTube]