Mike Tyson Claims He Was Sexually Abused As A 7-Year-Old Child By An 'Old Man'

Former boxing champion Mike Tyson revealed in a recent interview with Jim Norton on Sirius XM's Opie Radio that he was "sexually abused" as a child.

Mike Tyson reflected on the differences between how the world and media see him in contrast to what is really going on in his life and in his past that is not seen on camera, stating that "these people don't know me."

The 48-year old actor also stated that many people did not know he was bullied and sexually abused as a child in his "dangerous" neighborhood.

Once that slipped, Jim Norton shifted the course of the interview in order to dig deeper and allow Mike Tyson to explain what happened.

"Jim Norton: How old were you when someone sexually abused you?"

"Mike Tyson: I was a little kid. Seven."

"Jim Norton: And the person was, uh...were they your age? Or, were they like an older..."

"Mike Tyson: Old man."

"Jim Norton: Was it one time or ongoing?"

"Mike Tyson: One time."

Mike Tyson later stated that the "old man" snatched him off the street and he "ran" to get away from him.

Mike then explained why an ego can become "a friend" and how it "protects you."

"That's when your ego... is your friend. That's why a bunch of entertainers have egos, because it buffers their... demons... it buffers the one that you're afraid of. Everybody else is afraid of your ego, but your ego is protecting you from the demon you're afraid of."
When asked if Mike "drastically changed" after the day that he was abused, Tyson simply answered by saying, "I don't know if I did or not" especially since he "doesn't always remember" what happened even though he's not "embarrassed or ashamed" by what happened to him.

In a story that he did for New York Magazine last year titled "My Life as a Young Thug," Mike Tyson went into detail about how he was able to use his training as a fighter at a young age to track down people that bullied him in the past and "exact some revenge."

"I began to exact some revenge for the beatings I had taken from bullies... I might see one of the guys who beat me up and bullied me years earlier. He might have gone into a store shopping, and I would drag [him] out of the store and start pummeling him. I didn't even tell my friends why... I beat him in the streets like a... dog for humiliating me. He may have forgotten about it, but I never did."
However, Mike Tyson admitted during the interview with Jim Norton that he never reported the incident of his sexual abuse to the police. When asked, "Did you tell anyone?" Mike responded by saying that "it was nobody's business to know."

[Image Credit: New York Magazine]