Is Wonder Woman Already Set To Be A Trilogy? Rumored Plot Takes DC Heroine From 1920s To Present

Warner Bros. Wonder Woman hasn't even debuted on the big screen yet, but if the newest rumors are to be believed, Wonder Woman is already in line for not one, not two, but three solo features starting in 2017.

As with much of the news on unreleased superhero movies, this one is totally rumor and conjecture until Warner Bros. confirms it. Still, it looks like the DC movie makers might be ready to bet big that Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman will be a major hit from the time she first debuts in 2016's Batman v Superman.

The latest report comes via Bleeding Cool, which cites sources familiar with Warner Bros. Wonder Woman plans in saying that the first Wonder Woman film will... oh, wait...

Spoiler Alert, for anyone that clicked on an article with "rumored plot" in the headline and doesn't want to hear, well, rumored Wonder Woman plot details.

Now, where were we?

Ah... that the first Wonder Woman film will actually take place in the 1920s. According to Bleeding Cool's source, the first half of the film will focus on a power struggle in Wonder Woman's home, Paradise Island. The Amazons would all be vying for control of the island, with their political struggles interrupted by the arrival of a man. That man will supposedly ask the Amazonians for help, and Wonder Woman would eventually go back with him to the world of men, a world where women have only recently been granted the vote.

wonder woman trilogy
If we're lucky, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman will be just as punchy as she was when she debuted in comics. Image via ComicBookResources.

That plot, of course, would tie in well with the "ironic and scandalous origins" of Wonder Woman, who was deliberately created to be a feminist projection that would encourage young girls. Warner Bros., though, wouldn't just be looking to strike a historical girl power note; the studio is reportedly looking to have three Wonder Woman movies, each set in a different time period.

The second movie would reportedly take place during World War II, presumably with Wonder Woman skipping the whole Rosie the Riveter bit in favor of cracking some Nazi skulls.

A third movie would find Wonder Woman in the present day fighting alongside Superman, Batman and the rest of the Justice League.

It's a pretty safe bet that Warner Bros. would love for Gal Gadot's turn as Wonder Woman to engender enough fan support to justify a trilogy, but there's no telling whether the character would ever make the screen in this form.

If Wonder Woman came to the world of men in the 1920s and (presumably) fought the Nazis in the 1940s, it would seem that there would have been some mention of her in Man of Steel. Continuity issues like that, though, are easily papered over.

Wonder Woman, of course, will be just one of several DC stars to take the screen in solo films over the next few years. Gal Gadot's lasso-wielding heroine will be part of a wave of superheroes to take the screen between now and 2020, and more specifically, as part of a new wave of female superheroes that will knock heads just a well as the men do.

She is, though, one of the first and most well-established female superheroes in comics, and it's looking like Warner Bros. might want to leverage Wonder Woman's unique status into a bonafide franchise hit.

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