Store Owner Uses Unusual Weapon To Defend His Store — Chili Powder

There is always someone who questions a person’s means to defend themselves. Whether you are a home owner or a store owner, there always seems to be someone to tell you how to should defend yourself. Guns, knives, and other weapons fall under scrutiny, so perhaps what this shop owner in Massachusetts used is not as surprising as it seems. The WCVB 5 reports on what spice this convenience store owner found quite convenient for defense.

The store owner, Saadat Khan, refused to cooperate with the armed robbers that stormed into his store — but what he used to ward off his would-be robbers might seem a little unorthodox. Chili powder was Mr. Khan’s weapon of choice, despite the fact that the two men who entered his store to rob him were both brandishing firearms.

One of the robbers, Brent Osgood, went into the store and purchased a $2 lottery ticket. Not long after this, Osgood returned with another man in his 40s to cash the ticket but things turned when Mr. Khan opened the register to cash the ticket out.

It was at this time that one of the men allegedly drew his firearm and ordered the store owner not to close the drawer. A scuffle ensued that resulted in one of the men repeatedly hitting the convenience store owner in the face. Unfortunately for the attempted robbers — but fortunately for Mr. Khan — it was at this time that he broke away and found his weapon of choice.

The store owner managed to obtain some chili powder and began to throw it in their faces. Both of the attempted robbers fled the store but Khan followed them into the parking lot and managed to get their license plate number.

According to the Boston Globe, this was Osgood’s undoing. Police used the license plate information to track him down right to his doorstep. Despite the store owner’s heroics, for which he was commended by police, they refused to recommend using chili powder as means for defense.

“The clerk in this situation showed incredible bravery, but we would, of course, never recommend that someone try to fight off a robber who is pointing a gun at you. We are pleased that no one was seriously hurt.”

Mr. Osgood should not feel quite as bad as he does because other would-be robbers have made bigger blunders. The Inquisitr reported last August on a thief armed with a bat in Oregon who felt it was a good idea to rob a gun store. The results were, not unlike the Massachusetts robbers, an “epic fail.”

[Image via Creative Commons]