'American Horror Story's' Lily Rabe To Reprise Role In 'Freak Show'

Looks like this season of American Horror Story is ready to welcome yet another familiar face. Actress Lily Rabe, who appeared in the Coven and Asylum seasons, will reprise her character from Asylum in an upcoming episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Rabe will be returning as her character Sister Mary Eunice. If you remember, for most of the Asylum season, Sister Mary Eunice was possessed by a demon after a character is put through an exorcism and she becomes the new host. Eunice worked under Jessica Lange's Sister Jude. Throughout the rest of the season, she antagonizes Sister Jude and generally wreaks havoc on anyone that crosses her.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Lily Rabe has the character of Pepper to thank. Pepper is the first character from Asylum that transitioned over to American Horror Story: Freak Show. We've learned that Rabe will be reintroduced in the 10th episode of the season, which will act as a huge cliff hanger for the winter.

According to reports, Lily's character is coming back because of Pepper.

In addition, we gave you the exciting news that Neil Patrick Harris and David Burkta is making their way to the Freak Show season. Another notable appearance will be made by Matt Bomer. So far, fans are excited to be welcoming back Rabe as she has been missed.

The last time we heard about Lily Rabe, she was joining a new show on ABC called The Visitors. Now known as The Whispers, the television show, executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, is about an alien race taking over the Earth and all of its inhabitants. So far ABC has ordered 13 episodes of the series, but we haven't seen any of them yet. It's suspected that they will air starting January of 2015.

For now, we don't know how big of a role Lily Rabe will have in American Horror Story: Freak Show, but since Ryan Murphy is bringing her back, we can imagine that even if her screen time is minimal, she will have a big impact on the characters she comes in contact with.

[Image via FX]