LAPD Officer Arrested For Exposing Himself In Public, Caught In The Act By Undercover Detectives

An LAPD officer was arrested Wednesday after allegedly exposing himself on an open pathway in Huntington Beach, an act in full view of undercover detectives.

Police said the officer, Ryan Eric Galliher, was spotted committing a lewd act on Bolsa Chica Street. He was off duty at the time of the incident.

Police in Huntington Beach had received many reports of a man exposing himself in the area, so they dispatched detectives to conduct surveillance. The officers reportedly caught Galliher in the act and the LAPD officer was arrested on the scene.

The LAPD said they would not be commenting on the matter yet, but said that type of behavior would not be tolerated.

"It is appropriate that I reserve judgment on this matter until all of the facts have been gathered and the investigations have been completed," LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said in a statement. "However, let me be very clear, I will not tolerate any behavior that reflects negatively upon this department and tarnishes our relationship with our communities, near or far."

The LAPD announced that it was working with police in Huntington Beach and would also be conducting its own internal investigation.

"It's always disappointing any time one of our officers is arrested by any agency," said LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman. "But we are fully cooperating with Huntington Beach until the investigations are complete."

Though the LAPD officer was arrested on Wednesday, charged were not filed until Thursday as detectives wanted to question people who had seen the previous incidents of the man exposing himself. They are also waiting to release a mugshot of Ryan Eric Galliher until other witnesses have a chance to view him in a lineup for identification.

Neighbors said the alleged flasher had put people in the area on edge.

"Thank God I didn't see him or he didn't see me, but it hits really close to home," said Holly Pollard.

Police did not say when the LAPD officer arrested for lewd acts is due to appear in court.