Caroline Manzo Defends Husband Albert In Light Of Recent Cheating Allegations

Caroline Manzo's husband, Albert, has been in the tabloids more than once for his alleged affairs. However, according to the Manzo'd With Children star's wife, she and Albert are in a happy, well-rounded marriage.

Speaking to In Touch Weekly, the former Real Housewives of New Jersey star said she loves her marriage to Albert and revealed how they continue to make it work.

"I love our marriage. We have mutual respect for each other and we just have fun," Caroline told the magazine, via an October 30 report by Radar Online. "One of my favorite things to do together is to go to Newark and sit on the trunk of the car and eat hot dogs."

Weeks ago, Radar Online reported the "real reason" why Caroline Manzo left The Real Housewives of New Jersey was because of a fight, which happened during the season five finale party. According to the report, Manzo's husband was accused of having a mistress named Jill. Sources claimed Penny Drossos reportedly said, "F**k you, the Jill card is on the table."

"Jill is Al's longtime mistress," the source alleged to Radar. "Caroline knew exactly who Penny was talking about, and didn't want to deal with it. Caroline ripped off her microphone and bolted out the door. That's the real reason she left the show."

Despite the report, Manzo insisted to In Touch her reason for leaving didn't have anything to do with an alleged affair. "I didn't leave on bad terms with anyone, but I don't hang out with any of them, except Jacqueline Laurita," she said. "It was more of a working relationship."

As the Inquisitr reported, Bravo producers reportedly encouraged Drossos to bring up the alleged affair on camera. "Penny knows Jill, and told Teresa about the cheating," a source told Radar. "Teresa then told producers, who wanted Penny to bring it up on camera, but Penny held back out of respect for the Manzo family. When Caroline went after her unprovoked, Penny lost it and threw the alleged affair in her face."

On last year's reunion special, Caroline confessed that she's questioned her husband's fidelity. "For me to think for a moment that he has been completely faithful for 32 years, I think that's a foolish way to think," she admitted.

In other Caroline Manzo news, her sister, Dina, is reportedly considering a reconciliation. According to the Inquisitr, Dina may call her sister and make amends.

For more of Caroline Manzo, tune into the season finale of Manzo'd With Children on November 2 on Bravo.

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