Queen Latifah Cancels Bill Cosby Interview Following Rape Allegations

Queen Latifah has canceled her upcoming interview with Bill Cosby following rape allegations made against him. According to TMZ, Cosby was scheduled to appear on The Queen Latifah Show, mainly because no one wants to look bad. Although Cosby has not been charged in any of these sexual assault cases, he has been sued a few times in the past.

"Production sources tell us Latifah honchos didn't want the association so they 86'd Cosby. They're particularly sensitive because a video from Latifah's show just went viral, showing a 13-year-old gay kid going crazy on the show after winning VIP Ru Paul tickets," reports TMZ.

The decision to knock Bill Cosby from Queen Latifah's show has been met with quite a bit of controversy. A report from Gawker totally ripped Latifah for not keeping Cosby on her schedule.

"It's shameful even in the situation where she's given the benefit of the doubt -- that it's the producers and not her calling the shots, that she wouldn't be able to extract anything from Cosby so why even try? Bulls**t, bulls**t, bulls**t. Don't let those producers define the show that has your name on it. Always [expletive] try, even if you have to lie to that [expletive] to get him in the chair. Do it and then film him walking out on the interview. Viral gold."
According to the Inquisitr, Bill Cosby rape allegations surfaced yet again about a week ago. This time the accusations came from actress Barbara Bowman. She made some very serious claims against the comedian, speaking out for the first time since she met him 30 years ago.
"I was drugged and raped by that man. He is a monster. He came at me like a monster. My hope is that others who have experienced sexual abuse will not be intimidated into silence by the famous, rich and powerful. If I can help one victim, then I've done my job."
Queen Latifah has not made mention about her interview with Bill Cosby directly, but she did post an interesting Vine a couple of hours ago.Could this be the talk show host's way of responding to the negativity out there? It is very possible. Do you think that Queen Latifah should have kept Bill Cosby in her line-up or was the right decision made to cancel his appearance? Sound off in the comments below.

[Photo courtesy of NDTV Movies]