Amy Winehouse Punches Another Unsuspecting Victim

Amy Winehouse’s time in the (negative) spotlight is far from over– she’s been accused again of punching another individual, which makes three attacks in two short weeks. This time, salesman Wayne Lindsay spoke to The Daily Mirror about an “unprovoked attack” at the Dublin Castle Pub in Camden, London:

“She was wild. She just flipped. It was as if she had voices in her head. Amy stormed out immediately afterwards. I was really angry she thought she could get away with it. But I let it go. I’m not an aggressive person. Amy was in no fit state to put up a fight. She looked out of it. It as as if she was in another land. She looked really unwell and quite frail. She seems unable to control herself.”

The Telegraph tells us that it could have been another case of mistaken identity. If Amy’s going to run around hitting people, at least they can be people who deserve it!

Image: Getty